Paul began his training in Externalization at the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center in Headwaters, VA, and continued this process in other programs, including training at Safe Harbors in Burbank, CA. Paul works in his private practice as a psychotherapist, and facilitates groups for men who have been sexually abused. “Externalization workshops changed my life. I love how this process allows each participant to find their way to healing and moving forward in life.”

Peggy is a counselor, writer and minister in Winston-salem, North Carolina. For over 11 years she has been involved in leading workshops, both grief workshops as well as the former Safe Harbors workshops for adult survivors of abuse.

Mike is a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, trained in EMDR and has worked as an inpatient substance abuse counselor for over 30 years in North Carolina. He began his training in the Externalization process at the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center in 1995. Mike’s educational background is in religion/philosophy. “ This work allows us to be emotionally and spiritually honest for perhaps the first time in our lives…it transformed my life”.

Liz found her passion for the externalization process while facilitating children at The Center for Grieving Children in Portland, Me. She has trained and worked with the Elisabeth-Kubler Ross Center staff and has worked with Hospice of Maine. Currently Liz works with her “Spiritual Companioning” practice in Portland, Maine. “Each time I staff a workshop I’m profoundly struck by the power and beauty of the human spirit as it finds its voice and speaks its truth.”

is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has presented workshops for 20 years on grief, loss, trauma, and abuse, nationally and internationally, including in Oklahoma City, Canada, Northern Ireland, England, New Zealand and Zimbabwe (12 years as a member of the staff of Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross). She has training in Critical Incident Stress Management and is a partner in Support Services for Animal Care Professionals , leading and staffing workshops nationally on Compassion Fatigue and Burnout and other topics for animal care professionals.

began her grief work in 1985 at the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center in Virginia. After years of training and apprenticeship, Dr. Kubler-Ross invited her to become a member of the clinical staff and help staff workshops. Lea organized and ran Externalization workshops in northern Virginia for five years. She is now a grief therapist in Boulder, Colorado, and volunteers as a victim advocate with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office. “I didn’t know what it felt like to feel truly safe, physically and emotionally, until I attended a workshop.”

NED ROCKETT, BS., RRT, CCRN , Staff Intern
Ned currently works as a Critical Care Nurse. He is a Respiratory Therapist and has worked in Healthcare for 16 years. He has substantial Externalization Workshop experience and has been in training with Edgebrook for the past three years. “I am honored to be a part of this work and these workshops.”

Lynn has had extensive training in Externalization by the staff of the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center. She has worked with the Handicapped Riding Program and Habitat for Humanity. She has also worked in a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. “I believe we can enjoy peaceful, meaningful lives as we heal through the awareness and understanding brought about through these workshops.”