Comments from Workshop Participants…

“It’s hard to describe the feeling of a miracle.”  S.C. (Teacher)

“I believe it has changed my life! I came home feeling like I’ve been set free. I have been carrying that shame with me for so long…”  JCP  (Mom)

“For the first time in my life I felt connected and safe.” L.R. (Sexual Assault Support Services)

“You gently helped me step into my new life, and my head is spinning with this new found hope. I am honored to be a part of this work.”
  J.D. (Teacher)

“Attending this workshop is the best choice I have ever made for my well being. This was a life changing and profoundly empowering experience. I am forever grateful to the facilitators and participants who made this everything it was for me.” N.S. (Project Analyst)

“I got a glimmer of hope and it was priceless.”
  L.C. (Administrative Assistant)

“The anger I have accumulated since childhood has never been addressed – hence my depression. Edgebrook has allowed me to move to another place.”  
S.H. (Accounting Manager)

“I came here to grieve the loss of a brother. Little did I know I would confront the alcoholism, the negative relationship with my mother and the dysfunction of my family of origin and all the abuse I had experienced as a child.”  J.W. (Registered Nurse)

“The gift you give is enormous to the hurting, frightened, sad and sometimes resistant souls that come to you.”
  T.S. (Medical Office Assistant)

“The staff provided the safety I needed to explore my feelings…it has been life changing.”
  M.K. (RN, Certified Emergency Nurse)

“I continued to realize that I was not going to be judged—NOT HERE.”
  R.N. (Residential Addictions Counselor)

“The courage I found in the face of my fears will stay with me as I continue to grow.”  C.M. (Media Technician)

“I feel so much lighter, so full of peace…much more open to life’s energy.”
  C.D. (Customer Service Professional)

“I have a friend coming up to me and telling me I look happier than ever and that they’ve never seen me smile this much and I just can’t thank you enough for facilitating such a powerful workshop.”  M.O. (College Student)