About Edgebrook

Edgebrook Grief, Trauma and Loss Workshops were created by Paul Matteson of Pownal, Maine and Lynn Golemon of Yellow Spring, West Virginia. We met while training to become workshop facilitators at the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center in Headwaters, Virginia. When the center closed we both felt compelled to continue this powerful work by designing and offering similar workshops.

Our own personal experiences, along with the witnessing of participants’ work, has taught us that the ‘externalization’ of feelings is a powerful tool which helps us heal from all forms of grief, trauma and loss. Participants at workshops are encouraged to ‘give themselves permission’ to express their deepest feelings in a very safe, non-judgmental environment. This emotional work promotes personal growth, and both emotional and spiritual healing.

A large part of our love for this work comes from the fact that it honors each individual’s process while offering the powerful experience of being in a loving and supportive group. There are no ‘tricks’ to this work; only the opportunity to dig deep into our own inner self and express our own feelings, including our fear, pain, sadness and anger, openly and safely.

Our workshops have between 15-22 participants and four staff members. All staff members have had considerable training and are committed to the externalization process. We begin just before dinner on Thursday and end with lunch on Sunday. For all of us on staff this work is a labor of love. It gives us a wonderful opportunity to be part of something positive and healing in this world.

World Fellowship Center*
The World Fellowship Center has been a place for healing retreats for many years.  On the edge of the White Mountains it offers a peaceful wooded setting  for this important workshop.  We are excited to be welcomed to this new setting.

The Notre Dame Center*
The Notre Dame Center in Alfred, Maine has been the site of many Externalization workshops in the past. Located about 40 minutes from Portland, Maine it offers the peace and quiet necessary for this workshop. There is room to walk among the trees and places for personal reflection.

Avila Retreat Center*
Situated on 51 acres in North Durham County, Avila is well known for its welcoming spirit and peaceful setting. The purpose of the center is to provide visitors with a spiritual environment and sacred space.
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*edgebrook, inc. is not associated with these centers or any other organizations.