Moving through Grief and Loss — Residential Workshops

What We Do
We offer “Grief, Trauma and Loss” residential workshops, which provide the rare opportunity for people to express their emotions in a safe, supportive group environment. Without judgment, we come together from all walks of life, forming a close community in order to do the ‘work’ of expressing deep feelings. Often in our culture it is not ‘okay’ to express deep feelings which accompany loss or traumatic experiences. Anger, fear and grief are normal feelings when one has experienced a loss due to death, divorce/separation or illness. Shame, dissociation and helplessness result from experiences of physical, emotional and sexual abuse/incest, violent conflict and natural disasters. Unexpressed, these feelings can be the source of addictions, anxiety, depression, burnout and other ‘disorders’.

In this workshop we provide exercises and facilitation to help you get to and express your feelings in a safe and supportive environment. This is physical, demanding work and can be emotionally charged: Our focus is to help you do whatever you need to do for your own healing, often resulting in a much deeper connection to yourself, and the relationships in your life. While not psychotherapy, participants often find that this work helps them move forward in their lives and assists them in any ongoing therapy. For many, it is the first big step in recovering from old, deep seated wounds, as well as from current traumas and loss. Underlying this process is a belief in unconditional love and acceptance.

All Edgebrook staff were trained by the former staff of the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center.  We currently have one in-house staff trainee.

Continuing Education
Clinicians participating in this workshop have applied for 25 contact hours and have been approved by their licensing boards in numerous states.

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